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Training That Delivers Results!

Better Performance

Take Your Team’s Skills to the Next Level

BIAS understands that your people are your most important and most expensive resource. With BIAS training services, you can avoid the frustration of buying a new technology or software product, watching the implementation team install it, getting a few hours of basic instruction and then being left to figure out the intricacies and long-term management on your own. Our effective hands-on training services provide your IT professionals with focused training and expert guidance to boost productivity and get the highest return on your technology investments. At BIAS, we ensure that your team fully understands Oracle with our “right seat, left seat” hands-on approach, and exactly how that technology can work for your business. If there are further questions or technical issues arise, we reach back to BIAS engineers to solve your problem and deliver results. Learn more about our extensive array of training and workshops, certified experts and secure development environments below.

Hands-On Training & Workshops

The BIAS training program provides a host of hands-on training workshops, which expose your team to Oracle’s leading-edge products and focus on the deployment at-hand in your environment. BIAS offers functional as well as technical training to give your team the knowledge they need to maximize Oracle investments and get the maximum performance from your Oracle suite.
 Explore our complete list of training sessions and workshops here.

Highly-Certified Experts

BIAS instructors are certified by Oracle in their respective fields and all of our instructors are proven hands-on implementers, so you can rest assured that the training you receive will be directly applicable to your systems and tuned to your business processes. 

Secure Development Environments

Our training courses come with a cloud based, secure “sandbox” development environment that you can use for building test cases on your own time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.