Resilient and Empathetic Security Posture

Resilient and Empathetic Security Posture

By Kashif Dhatwani, BIAS Chief Security Architect | Senior Director

We have heard that trees that bend with the wind and adapt to the changing wind patterns continue to withstand storms and last longer. This metaphor relates to many aspects of our lives, and in information security, it relates to building and managing security postures that are resilient. Additional aspects organizations and industries focus on are building empathetic cultures. Cyber security, and its ecosystem, need to stress this to develop solutions that provide peace of mind. Our business and professional lives intertwine with our personal lives, solutions must deliver a holistic approach to provide security. My focus today is to share some basic thoughts on this in the context of #CyberSecurityAwareness month.

As we hear the word, Cyber Security, our thoughts always go towards breaches that surface everywhere and ignite an environment of fear. However, one good outcome is that with so much information publicly available, there is now an increased awareness both at the organization and individual level. We have started to learn and use  terms such as ransomware and what measures can be adopted to be safe.

For businesses to continue to build economies of the future, there is a tremendous effort towards digital transformation. Enterprises have understood that digitization is the key to a successful business model. Digital transformation benefits commercial businesses, governments, world leaders, and scientists, who are striving to find solutions to problems such as improving the production of food, providing educational opportunities across the globe, and finding solutions for alleviating poverty. Digital transformation is critical for our growth, especially in the post-pandemic era, and it is contingent upon us, the professionals, to build frameworks of security that are resilient as we move forward and continue to be empathetic to its consumers. This research guides how to develop consistent, adequate, reasonable, and practical solutions (Gartner: Metrics to Prove You CARE About Cybersecurity).

There is a proliferation of cyber security solutions focused equally on end-users and back-end technology infrastructure. These solutions are more human-centric and their designs consider empathy in how the end-users will interact with them. For example, devices today have face recognition and fingerprint scanners built-in, and most applications can use those technologies to provide a greater assurance level and user experience. It is critical to consider the concepts of design thinking in these solutions. The term Cyber Security also generates considerable fear in end-users. Our empathetic designs must consider building higher-level trust for end-users where fear of misuse reduces. It is only possible by designing solutions that are simplified and align with the needs of different personas. This blog explains this in a little more depth. (

We will continue to expand on these concepts in our next blog post.  Until then, Do Your Part and #BeCyberSmart.

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