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Fostering Public Sector Success

BIAS is proud to foster success within the public sector with top tier IT services, advanced solutions, project guidance and dedicated support for U.S. Federal Civilian, Department of Defense, Intelligence, State and Local Government agencies. Using the right combination of people, processes and technologies, BIAS drives efficiencies and responsiveness, promotes agency-wide system modernization and ensures the highest standards of compliance. Our highly-certified Oracle consultants have a strong reputation for technical excellence and utilize proven solution delivery practices that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. We understand the intricacies of public sector missions, hold the highest levels of security clearances and our team has successfully delivered large-scale reliable, flexible and secure solutions with Managed Services that provide 24×7 support to keep our nation running smoothly. Our public sector solutions include custom applications that run behind the scenes on-board military aircraft, provide secure access to funds for troops overseas, and streamline operations for energy delivery and research across the U.S. Plus, we manage multiple contracting vehicles to help you simplify procurement and maximize savings. Learn more about BIAS’ public sector expertise below and contact us to learn more.

Federal Civilian

BIAS supports the missions of federal civilian agencies, including the U.S. Treasury Department, USDA, U.S. Department of Transportation and more, with proven solutions that modernize and consolidate disparate systems, power intelligence and optimize organization-wide effectiveness while keeping budget constraints in mind.
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Intelligence and Security

BIAS serves the U.S. intelligence and security communities by helping them foster secure inter-and cross-agency collaboration, enhance visibility, power informed decision-making and meet mission-critical demands.

State and Local

BIAS helps state and local government agencies better support and serve their citizens, enhance public safety, enable innovative emergency response and transform the public service experience.
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Contract Vehicles

BIAS manages a wide array of agency-specific contract vehicles, including GSA, NETCENTS-2 and ITES-2S among others, that lower prices through volume discounts and streamline procurement for the solutions and services public sector agencies need to succeed.
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