Oracle Named a Visionary in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

Oracle Named a Visionary in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

Oracle has just been named a Visionary in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. This is a clear recognition of the leadership shown by Oracle’s flagship analytics tool Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) in defining and demonstrating the future of Analytics. This designation reinforces the view held by BIAS and our customers since implementing major releases of OAC. In the wide field of BI tools, OAC uniquely fulfills the promise of offering easy-to-use nimble visualizations, mobility, and self-serve demanded by business users, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities needed by data scientists, and the enterprise robustness and governance mandated by the CISO and the IT leadership.  

Easy and Future-Proof – Intuitive and Transformative 

OAC has continued to help our customers stay a step ahead in their BI maturity curve. Having the bleeding-edge capabilities of ML, augmented analytics, and data preparation at their disposal via an intuitive interface, even untrained analysts find themselves more at ease with performing predictive analytics and thus realizing higher value from their data. Leveraging ML to augment user experience, OAC truly transforms BI from being a “rear-view mirror” to a “future-facing analytics” that is easy to use.  

Augmented and Automated Data Analysis – Better Insight and Higher Productivity 

OAC hits the exact spot where most Analytics initiatives struggle in an enterprise – prior knowledge of data among analysts. The drudgery of data discovery often comes from working to identify which attributes drive key performance metrics. The OAC “Explain” feature leverages ML and AI to quickly produce both drivers and outliers of a given metric and with a few clicks, these can be added by users to their dashboards for continued use. OAC also includes powerful predictive analytics capabilities which, again, can be invoked with a few simple clicks. Advanced options for these capabilities provide greater flexibility for finding the best predictive model. Embedded Machine Learning offers insights that get more accurate over time as more data becomes available. Creating and scoring models can be done quickly in a guided manner again with advanced options for sophisticated data consumers. Finally, AI driven data enrichment facilitates data preparation that enhances BI analysts’ power and productivity. 

Analytics Everywhere, Done Simply – Mobile, Adaptive, and Timely 

Mobile analytics is not new, but OAC includes AI driven features designed to proactively support how we work and how we talk. Oracle Day by Day learns what sorts of data you are interested in and will provide it to you based on when and where you have previously asked for it. OAC can also act as a digital assistant for your data, answering questions from natural speech. In addition, natural language generation is an option for any data visualization, providing a text narrative based on the data which can help reach a broader audience. 

Agility and Governance in Balance – Speedy, Secure, and Trusted 

Oracle’s vision for BI and analytics addresses the conflicting needs for agile self-service while providing curated and governed data. Anyone can quickly connect to a supported data source with OAC to begin creating compelling data visualizations and share insights with their peers. The query, data transformation and enrichment rules can be reviewed prior to migrating from a Project from a personal folder to the shared folders. OAC integrates with most identity management stacks and security rules allow fine-grained control over who can see and maintain which Data Sets and which data visualization Projects. Modeling the data helps “pave the path” by creating curated metadata with reusable metrics, attributes and hierarchies that enable single version of truth and record and column-level security.  

BIAS Solutions and Accelerators 

Seeing a large demand for OAC uptake, BIAS has invested considerably in designing reference architectures for cloud-only and hybrid deployments covering aspects of security and performance and in building accelerators that speed up the migration to OAC while reducing risks in the process. BIAS has also built offerings in the Hospitality Analytics and Restaurant Analytics leveraging OAC and Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS) or Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) to help customers realize rapid ROI from their analytics investments.  

Bottomline – No matter where you are in your journey to curated enterprise analytics, Oracle provides the best platform foundation to grow with and the best just got more attractive in 2020. Please contact BIAS for more details and further discussion.  

Authors – Patrick Abram and Ashish Bokil


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