Oracle Database on Microsoft Azure Cloud – The Process Roadmap to Move to Azure

Oracle Database on Microsoft Azure Cloud – The Process Roadmap to Move to Azure

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It is an exciting time to be in IT. There are more and more footprints moving from on-premise to the cloud. We are seeing more and more clients moving not only to the Oracle Cloud, but also to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

BIAS was approached by a major software developer to assist with the future state roadmap and implementation of one of their most critical Oracle-based applications. The existing infrastructure stack was rapidly aging and there was a requirement to either purchase new hardware or move to the cloud. The client reached out to BIAS based on our reputation for creative and high performing architectures both on-premise and in a number of cloud-based environments.

Given the client’s desire not to manage infrastructure, coupled with their deep expertise in Microsoft technologies, the decision was made to move the on-premise application to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Part of the architectural roadmap was the requirement to execute a proof of concept prior to moving production to the cloud. This requirement was designed to reduce risk, forecast cost, and to ensure a high-performing environment that would evoke a positive user experience.

In the proof of concept phase, BIAS created a VM image of the on-premise environment that was implemented on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in the Azure Cloud. This allowed BIAS to provide continued availability on the original production environment while creating the test Azure platform. The VM was built to the client specifications with respect to sizing, database software versioning, firewalls and port configurations. The proof of concept was extremely successful and with BIAS’s guidance, the decision was made to extend the future state architecture to include high availability leveraging FlashGrid technology to ensure continued operations and scalability.

FlashGrid Storage Fabric leverages proven Oracle ASM capabilities for volume management, data mirroring and high availability. Using FlashGrid to manage storage makes life easier for DBAs and Server Administrators. FlashGrid on Microsoft Azure was leveraged as the replacement for the 2-node RAC configuration they currently have on existing Production.

BIAS has successfully implemented multiple migrations to the Azure cloud; therefore, providing a high-performing and secure cloud environment along with high availability for risk remediation and transaction growth. BIAS is currently working with the client to advise them on different approaches for their Azure GO-LIVE strategy by identifying pros and cons of each approach. As per their current target, they will be fully deployed on Microsoft Azure Cloud with FlashGrid technology by end of September. To learn more, please contact



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