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ERP Confab: SaaS ERP Tradeoffs

On premise or SaaS ERP? Or... both? John Ezzell, co-founder and executive vice president of BIAS Corp., a managed services provider and Oracle partner, joins TechTarget Editor at Large David Essex in a discussion about the tradeoffs in moving from on-premises ERP to SaaS ERP and why a hybrid of the two may be...

How COVID-19 has Accelerated the ERP Cloud Game

John Ezzell of BIAS Corporation, a system integrator and MSP, says its seeing a lot of migrations of Enterprise Resource Planning workloads to the cloud from commercial and public sector customers, forcing a faster conversation to cloud-centric IT.

Action and Ambition: Cloud-Based Services that Grow Businesses Like Yours

Welcome to another episode of Action and Ambition. How was your transition to a cloud-based system from a traditional approach? Technology keeps going and moves forward, and catching up gets more demanding—John Ezzell understood your position; that's why he co-founded BIAS! Don't miss this episode to transition and transform your business like any other!

Leadership in Business Podcast

Listen now to the Leadership in Business Podcast on LinkedIn featuring BIAS Co-Founder and EVP, John Ezzell, as he speaks to the importance of taking care of customers and putting forth both effort and a positive attitude in business.

Helping Cloud Customers Realize 10x Performance Podcast

BIAS Co-Founder, John Ezzell, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast. He shares how he is making his customers and subsequently their customers understand and believe that the cloud is better, safer and more secure.

Office Depot Accelerates Business to Cloud Speed

Stream this episode to hear how BIAS customer, Office Depot, made the decision to move to Oracle Cloud. Uncover the unique insights into the challenges of the project, industry impacts and the immense business and financial benefits achieved.