Multi-Cloud Workload Security

Multi-Cloud Workload Security

By Kashif Dhatwani, BIAS Chief Security Architect | Senior Director

As Organizations adopt Cloud technologies, the common trend is the presence of a multi-cloud, where organizations are spreading their workload across multiple cloud vendors to select best-of-breed solutions. While this is advantageous for organizations, it is also critical that security designs include cross-cloud workload protection. The framework of Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) is critical and must be reviewed in detail ( It assures that the resulting solution is not ad-hoc or point security offerings and encompasses all security features, including access, governance, and data security. In this context, the modernization journey is tied to the cloud journey and must include an analysis of the organizations’ current security infrastructure. The question that needs answers is how the current investments are protected and modernized to meet the demands of the new paradigm shift. The modernization example of one such journey is explained here (Oracle IAM Modernization)

There are new solutions and services always becoming available. It is a best practice for organizations to adopt Managed Services based Security Operations Center (MSSOC). These managed services can bring value in various ways. For example, assuring that customer environments remain compliant, there is consistent monitoring, and systems are updated regularly. The security services may create a mesh to develop security frameworks where a holistic approach mitigates risks and creates a trusted environment for end-users and the workforce.

Cyber Security challenges and innovations change rapidly, and the target is not to find a single solution. The strategic approach will focus on developing a framework. Though it may seem a daunting task, with proper design, adaptive methodology, selection of the right solutions, organizations can build that layer of defense that keeps their data and users safe and builds confidence in the end-user community to utilize the services of that organization with peace of mind.

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