Key Considerations for Digital Transformation in Retail

Key Considerations for Digital Transformation in Retail

With any digital transformation comes accelerated innovation, improved performance, and reduced IT risk. But some inherent risks and challenges come with the change too. BIAS Deputy CTO, Eddie Ambler, walks you through key areas to ensure a successful digital transformation journey for retail enterprises: 

  1. In the beginning, define your organization’s set of goals for the upcoming transformation and ensure you have the resources available to achieve those goals. Early on, establishing these goals and success criteria will give structure to the change and ensure you have buy-in from business and IT stakeholders. 
  2. Ensure success by securing buy-in from key stakeholders within the organization. Buy-in removes future obstacles such as a lack of communication and transparency during the change. Communicating early, often, and effectively on how these changes are positively going to impact the business, IT and key stakeholders will ensure that they understand the value proposition and remain committed to the project success. 
  3. Secure key stakeholder buy-in to ensure financial commitment for the journey. The Stakeholder viewpoints must include the viewpoint of the end users who will ultimately be the consumers of the technology. 
  4. Start small with early-stage projects that can be successfully completed early-on to build momentum for the upcoming major digital transformation. You want to create excitement and ensure everyone is ready for the journey. 
  5. Find a partner who is ready to use their resources and expertise not only to develop but execute a successful digital transformation for your business. Make sure you provide them with critical feedback along the way to ensure the partner is meeting objectives and the partner is aware of how they are performing.

Click here to read the full article, written by BIAS Deputy CTO, Eddie Ambler. 

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