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End-to-End Data Security

Protect data assets from external attacks and insider threats, ensure regulatory compliance and address encryption requirements for data in motion and at rest with BIAS. BIAS holds the highest levels of Data Security specializations from Oracle and has decades of experience helping commercial enterprises and public sector entities protect their critical data assets. We’re here to help you assess infrastructure and identify vulnerabilities that could put your valuable data assets (and reputation) at risk. We’ll then work with you to explore appropriate solutions and oversee deployments that minimize disruption of daily operations. Our security architects ensure your data security solutions align directly with your industry’s specific compliance requirements and that systems work together seamlessly to protect your valuable data assets and resources at every layer of operation. Click through the tabs below to learn how you can establish or enhance end-to-end security from front-end applications to back-end databases with BIAS and contact us to learn more. 

  • Security assessments of database environments with complete reports
  • Requirements gathering, analysis and design
  • Compliance requirements evaluations
  • Development of future-state roadmaps
  • High-availability data security solution implementations
  • Solution implementations in heterogeneous environments using corporate directories

BIAS utilizes the following featured products in our Data Security engagements: 

  • Oracle Enterprise User Security
  • Oracle Advanced Security
  • Oracle Data Masking
  • Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall
  • Oracle Label Security

BIAS has completed hundreds of successful Data Security engagements for industry leading organizations, including Cummins Manufacturing, Bank United and BBVA Compass Bank among others. 

For BBVA Compass Bank, BIAS recently developed a framework to provide access privileges for each role in the organization. BIAS implemented security features to ensure Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance as well as centralized user credentials and access through a standard corporate directory. To complete this solution, BIAS utilized Oracle Database Vault, Enterprise User Security and Oracle Internet Directory.

BIAS is proud to hold the following Data Security specializations:

  • Oracle Database Security Specialized

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