Select the Best Systems for Your Enterprise

BIAS delivers experience and strategic insight to help you select the best servers and systems for your enterprise environment. We know exactly what it takes to achieve record-breaking performance, simplify management and capture cost-saving efficiencies. Explore the tabs below to learn more about BIAS’ server expertise, featured products and our demonstrated customer successes.

BIAS delivers comprehensive server offerings including hardware, capacity planning, data center assessment, physical installation, virtualization and consolidation, server migration and monitoring. Our strength resides in precisely mapping existing application workloads to the most appropriate hardware, minimizing data center footprints and enabling future scalability. BIAS also has certified expertise in implementing Oracle Intel- and SPARC-based, partitioning (hard and soft) approaches, which reduce the software license issues caused by underutilizing capacity on servers with a large number of CPUs. Contact us to learn more.

BIAS is the first Oracle Partner to achieve specialized status in both Oracle Exadata and GoldenGate technologies as well as the first Oracle partner in the Southeast to design a customer’s OLTP and ODS implementation with multiple Oracle Exadata machines, employing Oracle’s Resource Management and Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression.

BIAS excels in T4 and T5 SPARC deployments, leveraging in-depth experience with virtualization approaches to include Logical Domains and Solaris zones. We understand best practice usage of Chip Multithreading Technology (CMT) to effectively utilize hardware resources, limiting waste and maximizing performance. BIAS can also design, implement and maintain large scale deployments using the Fujitsu M10 Server footprint. We effectively integrate highly available solutions on commodity clusters using Oracle Intel x86 hardware and have implemented full scale monitoring and automated provisioning of Oracle hardware using Oracle OpsCenter and Oracle Enterprise Manager. BIAS often utilizes the following featured products in our server engagements:

  • Oracle SPARC Servers
  • Sun x86 Systems
  • Oracle SuperCluster
  • Sun Blade Servers
  • Sun Netra Carrier-Grade Servers
  • Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux

BIAS has achieved the following specializations based on their server expertise:

  • Oracle Specialized in Oracle Linux 5
  • Oracle Specialized in Oracle Solaris 10
  • Oracle Specialized in SPARC T4-Based Servers
  • Oracle Specialized in Sun ZFS Storage Appliance
  • Oracle Specialized in Oracle Database Appliance