Software as a Service

Transform & Modernize your Business by enabling a proactive, digital toolset across specific, or all, business processes.

BIAS has over seventeen years of experience assisting Customers in seeking efficiency, standardization and cost reductions within challenging business process environments.  We assist customers in simplifying and streamlining their processes whether it be within an existing Oracle environment, evaluating a move to an Oracle environment or designing co-existence strategies.  BIAS is a one-stop-shop for customers and agencies embarking on business and IT transformations.  We are one of the few Systems Integrators who can bridge the divide between Business and IT whether it’s On-Prem, Cloud or, more commonly, a hybrid integrated solution.

BIAS leverages our best practice processes and solution expertise to provide optimized strategies for accelerating your organization’s move to the Cloud.

Our Oracle Cloud Solution Architects utilize our methodology to execute interactive, solution-based sessions to explore your options and evaluate readiness.  We then provide a recommended innovative solution roadmap to assist you in achieving your current strategies & objectives while maximizing efficiency and decreasing risk.  Our Consulting Services Team currently holds Oracle Cloud Certifications across ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud, EPM Cloud, as well as PaaS & IaaS.

BIAS has invested heavily in Oracle Cloud both from an internal and external perspective. We have implemented, utilize and provide managed services for Oracle’s ERP, EPM and HCM Cloud applications internally; plus have built key proprietary Cloud Toolkits to expedite a Customer’s path to SaaS Cloud while focusing on quality and risk mitigation. One key callout is our ‘Transform to Cloud’ specialized toolkit which allows a current OnPrem Oracle Application User (EBS, JDE, PSFT) to systematically convert data to the SaaS Cloud Applications….removing the frustrating tasks from your resources to extract, translate, format and load data.

As an Oracle Specialized Platinum Partner, BIAS is a leading provider of Oracle Solutions for large enterprises and small medium-sized businesses; across all industries and within both the commercial & public sector.  We offer packaged Cloud solutions and a range of Consulting Services that fit every need in order to provide the highest quality Cloud implementation experience for our customers.