Database Design & Optimization

Overcome Performance Bottlenecks

Initial database design and ongoing optimization can be a critical and daunting task for any organization. With BIAS’ team of database architects, you can quickly overcome poor database performance as well as the lack of scalability and High Availability (HA) that could be slowing your business or agency down. Explore our Database Design and Optimization capabilities, featured solutions and customer successes in the tabs below.

BIAS delivers customized database design and re-design as well as performance tuning, database optimization, High Availability (HA) solutions and Business Continuity for commercial organizations and public sector agencies. New database design is rooted in the expertise of senior database administrators (DBAs) and architects that design and build robust, scalable and high performance environments based on years of experience and Oracle design best practices. We offer unmatched focus on and understanding of the core technology components of the Oracle database, including HA, reliability and performance. Our team provides complete installation and maintenance support for Oracle, Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle HA services. Contact us to learn more.

BIAS fully understands and utilizes the following featured products and services in our Database Design and Optimization engagements: 

  • New Database Design and Architecture
  • Database Re-Design
  • Performance Tuning
  • High-Availability RAC Designs
  • Database Encryption/Security Services
  • Database Compression Strategies
  • In-Memory Database Deployment and Optimization
  • Multi-Tenant Databases Architecture
  • Partitioning Design Strategies

The BIAS Database Design and Optimization team was engaged at one of the largest financial institutions in the country to address design flaws and performance issues on their Oracle Exadata databases. After a thorough analysis, the BIAS team implemented a series of database changes and tuning solutions. Database queries that were taking twenty hours to run now finish in under two minutes.

BIAS’ notable Database Design and Optimization achievements include:

  • Oracle Specialized Database
  • Oracle Specialized Database Performance Tuning
  • Oracle Specialized Database Security
  • Oracle Specialized Real Application Clusters