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As more and more businesses look to utilize and provide cloud services, mobile-enable existing applications and leverage the Internet of Everything (IoE), BIAS believes that it’s time to rethink Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management (BPM).

As an established and innovative industry leader in SOA and BPM, BIAS implements and engineers SOA and BPM solutions that work together seamlessly to establish sound architectural principles for innovation, efficiently manage business and technology changes, and create a unified experience for shared services.

How We Help

We are Oracle Partner Network Expertise Certified and Pillar Verified in SOA, and our engineers have worked directly with Oracle to develop and implement some of the very first projects using the Oracle SOA and BPM suites.

We’re at the forefront of helping organizations integrate disparate cloud and on-premise applications, speed application development, empower secure mobility with technologies such as REST and JSON, and lower total cost of ownership with SOA and BPM.

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