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BIAS has been working with portal and content management solutions for over 20 years. Today, we’re re-imagining these solutions to enhance the user experience, empower secure collaboration and enable your applications to take advantage of mobile platforms and cloud.

BIAS is Oracle-certified in portal and content management and understands the unique needs and regulations of multiple industry verticals. We’ve designed and implemented solutions for the most secure public sector and commercial environments in the world.

How We Help

We’re here to help you manage and control access to all of your enterprise data and content. Our commercial or custom solutions that engage end-users, deliver secure messaging capabilities, simplify content management, digitize and secure files, streamline search and integrate files from an array of disparate sources.

We also provide strategic expertise in portal development along with scanning and imaging solutions, managing content, and turnkey Managed Services. Our Quick Value Method lets you get started fast, with a fixed-price engagement that aligns priorities and provides a clear roadmap to implement functionality in a phased approach, ensure compliance and reduce complexity.

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