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BIAS is an industry leader offering a comprehensive array of database services. Many of our solution experts come from Oracle and have deep knowledge of Oracle’s systems which is leveraged to design or tune your database architecture.

We work across all Oracle database platforms including on-premise engineered systems and Oracle Cloud (Database as a Service, Exadata Cloud Service and Autonomous Databases). BIAS also has extensive migration and consolidation experience using Oracle’s platform integration tools. We can provide the performance management and general administration services, including patching, upgrades and space management. With our capabilities and automated approach, we can take the burden off you and your team, so you can focus on your business.

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We provide the following high-value services to align to your specific database management needs:

Blueprint for Success

Using our TruNorth program, BIAS helps you develop a database design and roadmap based on our experience in multiple industries. Our database services team is uniquely qualified to help organizations optimize technology investments, scale their architecture, reduce support costs and eliminate costly downtime.

Database Management

BIAS ensures that your environments maintain targeted performance, stability and reliability. Our disaster recovery and business continuity expertise provide 24/7 availability. We regularly test your backup and recovery infrastructure that is backed by solid operational best practices to support your technology plans and critical objectives. And we address security vulnerabilities with guaranteed response time and performance.

Engineered Systems

BIAS has tremendous industry experience with Oracle engineered systems. We combine our knowledge of Oracle hardware and software with our innovative solutions. We can push the performance of these pre-built and optimized out-of-the-box systems, like Exadata, and provide faster deployments, lower costs and reduced risks for your organization. As workloads from several machines are consolidated onto a single engineered system, you benefit from the smaller footprint of a less complicated and easier to manage IT environment.

BIAS Migration Factory

The BIAS Migration Factory is our automated approach for executing large, complex database migrations (on-premise or in the Cloud) that increases efficiency and reduces risk. Its proven methodology is based on BIAS and Oracle best practices: automated scripts and tools, options for zero-downtime, notification workflow and standardized documentation. Our Migration Factory team has successfully performed over 7,500 migrations to various cloud and on-premise platforms.

Reliable, scalable, flexible. Guaranteed.

Our experience in database services and platforms is a core competency and differentiator. We deliver a well-thought out plan to design and build the appropriate solution for you, whether on-premise or in the Cloud.

Our success in engineered systems is based on years of experience and Oracle best practices. With a strong track record in migrations, BIAS is also well known for building and maintaining the strongest GoldenGate change data capture team in the country. With an average of 10+ years of experience among our consultants, we have the expertise to guide you across the Commercial and Public sectors through our data migrations – regardless of the type of migration chosen.

Look to BIAS and our experienced team of solution experts for your existing and future database projects.


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