Managed Security Services (MSS) to protect, manage and maintain your security solution.

As organizations adopt cost-effective approaches to manage their IT assets, Managed Security Services (MSS) has become a critical requirement. In addition to application workloads, organizations are also moving to a managed security services model so that dedicated experts can manage and maintain their security solutions.

BIAS supports its clients with a comprehensive methodology that cohesively brings all security solutions under one umbrella. It provides a single pane of glass and 24×7 monitoring and maintenance of security infrastructure. We recognize that security monitoring is not a trivial task and requires extensive diligence and management. Our security experts are well equipped to deliver these services as a standalone or in conjunction with our clients.

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Identity & Access Management Services

Our experience in delivering security consulting services has enabled BIAS to establish core services to provide managed security services for Identity & Access Management using various industry solutions. We understand that our clients have hybrid and multi-cloud workloads, and their applications range from legacy on-premises, hosted in IaaS, to the latest SaaS-based solutions.

BIAS, as the MSSP understands how to holistically deliver identity and access management services to support functions such as authentication, multifactor-authentication, single sign-on, identity provisioning, and password management, to name a few using the standards-based industry solutions.

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Security-as-a-Service for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

As workloads migrate to the Cloud, the security of these workloads becomes the paramount focus. Organizations use their existing or external Security Operations Center (SOC) and use native and complementing solutions to protect resources in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

BIAS has developed a set of best practices with the experience of migrating workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) that use natively available capabilities in OCI and extended with additional existing or new solutions to provide 24×7 Managed Security Services (MSS). We provide our clients with secure environments to operate their workload and detect and remediate vulnerabilities rapidly.


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