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Data remains the most valuable resource with data privacy and security at the forefront. BIAS builds holistic security models with enhanced ‘Defense in Depth’ frameworks to protect your data assets from external attacks and insider threats.

Our experts provide solutions that ensure regulatory compliance and address encryption requirements for data in transit and at rest. With our proven Database Security Assessment toolset we provide you with secure, effective and rapid solutions to meet your data security needs for compliance and for securing your consumers’ most valuable information.

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Database Security Assessment

BIAS is an Oracle partner with focused expertise in database security for on-premise and cloud database environment.

Our Database Assessment service is focused on identifying that data security posture of organizations and providing recommendations on strategic roadmaps to address the security gaps and strengthening the security of the databases.

Featured Service

Database Authentication

Our experience in Identity & Access Management frameworks and database technologies uniquely positions us to provide you with rapid and cost effective solutions to address your compliance requirements and security needs by enabling centralized authentication for your databases.

Enterprise User Security provides you with the option to use Oracle’s Unified Directory (OUD) with or without your corporate directory to configure a solution to provide authentication to your databases.

Centrally Managed users (CMU) allows databases to be connected to your corporate directory without any intermediary directory.

Our security experts will work with you to identify the best approach based on your directories and the advanced authentication process you would like to use to protect your data.


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