Maximize your Oracle Engineered Systems Investments

Designed, engineered and tested to work together, Oracle Engineered Systems combine best-of-breed hardware and software components with leading edge innovations – pre-built and optimized out-of-the-box to speed deployments, lower costs and reduce risk.

BIAS has superior expertise in implementing Oracle Engineered Systems, which encapsulate databases, storage, networking and clustering software into one appliance to enable dramatically faster deployment times with highly available integration possible in hours rather than days or weeks.

How We Help

We know exactly how to harness the extreme performance designed into every Oracle Engineered System to help commercial enterprises and public sector agencies reduce risk and lower costs.

As Oracle standardizes components in its Engineered Systems, software and hardware upgrades are automatic and predictable. BIAS customers also benefit from the smaller footprint that goes along with a less complicated IT environment, which can be easily enabled by consolidating workloads from several machines onto a single Engineered System that is faster, less expensive and easier to manage.


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