Leverage Our Data Center Expertise

The increasing complexity, expense and specialization of internal data center design and operations is overwhelming and cost-prohibitive for many organizations. Why burden your resources and budget when you can leverage the data center expertise and capabilities of BIAS?

With powerful data center insight and services from our Oracle experts and direct access to purpose-built Tier IV Gold mega data centers via our strategic partnerships, it’s easy to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), enhance security and availability, and ensure compliance with BIAS.


Achieve unparalleled availability, uptime and business continuity by colocating equipment in the partner data center best equipped for your requirements. Our quality colocation centers provide leading-edge equipment, superior technology and flexible services to secure your data and applications. As a result, you can free staff and budget resources to focus on innovation and meeting core business objectives.


BIAS offers a range of hosting services, from Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) to Software as a Service (SaaS), to meet your IT strategy goals at the lowest possible cost. Our experts provide in-depth assessments to define the appropriate level of hosting support necessary to address unique requirements and reach your ideal IT architectural state.

Strategic Partnerships

Leverage the power of BIAS’s strategic data center partnerships to meet the on- and off-premises IT requirements of your organization. From modest yet well-managed data center environments to expansive Tier IV Gold mega data centers, BIAS’ data center partners allow you to utilize emerging technologies and meet even the most demanding availability and security requirements, while eliminating cost-prohibitive infrastructure investments and ongoing operational expenses.


BIAS delivers comprehensive Infrastructure Services in support of the entire Oracle Red Stack, including servers, storage, engineered systems, databases and applications, as well as 24×7 Managed Services and Data Center Hosting in the BIAS cloud.

Our Infrastructure experts understand exactly how to customize and optimize Oracle hardware, which mitigates inefficiencies and maximizes return on investment (ROI). We specialize in third-party integrations, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings and also provide capacity-on-demand services utilizing Oracle Engineered Systems and Cloud Hosting to supercharge scalability and limit software license impacts.


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