Change the way you manage your multicloud experience

BIAS provides a full spectrum of services for cloud management that helps your business in its transformational journey. Our end-to-end custom cloud managed services deliver a unified, ITIL delivery framework-based approach to IT management. We manage and optimize your application environments and architectures to help improve your business resilience and security, while reducing your operational costs.

Our cloud-based services include the effective administration, management, technical and functional support for your cloud investments across business tools, enterprise applications, databases, integrations and reporting frameworks. With industry-leading service level agreements, security, automation-based optimization, and flexible coverage models offering up to 24/7/365 support, we manage, maintain and enhance your systems, freeing up your team to focus on growing your business.

We understand what it takes to maximize the return on your IT investment.

Domain-specific expertise.

We provide the following high-value services with cost-effective, predictable monthly and quarterly service plans that align to your specific coverage needs:

Administration Services

Our experts deliver efficient administration of your cloud infrastructure, applications and database resources based on an ITIL service delivery framework with SLA driven services, across a multi-cloud experience. We provide you with the confidence across operational & maintenance services of your systems which leads to high-performing, optimized and always available systems through our dedicated global resources.

Cloud Management Services

Our end-to-end custom management service allows you to select the appropriate amount of support to manage your cloud-based investments. We provide ongoing functional & customization support, incident response & resolutions, and real-time monitoring support for your applications and databases in the cloud.

Service Delivery & Service Desk

We provide ongoing functional & technical help desk services for your cloud investments across your business tools, enterprise applications, databases, related integrations and reporting frameworks. Our experts leverage best practices and proactive recommendations for new application features to address your pain points and tackle future business challenges.

Testing Services

Apart from systems and integration tests, we develop and conduct performance/load or regression testing, ensuring that your systems and applications are performing as designed following implementation, mandated updates, patches and change activities.

Our service models span the entire technology stack.

Technologies We Support

Highly responsive systems are nothing without highly responsive service.

With four global delivery centers and hundreds of multicloud certified experts spanning Oracle, Google, AWS, & Azure, BIAS is well-positioned to streamline IT services for your organization’s cloud investment. We leverage our vast resources and diverse skill sets on your behalf to drive results for your business.

You can rest assured knowing our performance is guaranteed through our service level agreement (SLA)-driven services. We deliver personalized governance to ensure quality and continuity through all aspects of service delivery, providing you with a premium customer experience.


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