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The Transportation and Logistics industry is experiencing change on nearly all fronts.  E-commerce growth fueled by Amazon is driving (LTL) less-than-truckload volume and changing the way warehouses operate as well.

New transport machine technology, including autonomous vehicles and drones, is emerging. Intelligent transportation systems and advanced supply chain management software is providing new tools to innovate, reduce costs, improve delivery times and fundamentally changing the nature of competition. Companies are seeking ways to move more product faster and with fewer resources.

Look to BIAS to empower next-generation transportation

How We Help

BIAS helps transportation and logistics companies around the globe leverage Oracle technologies to improve transportation networks, better serve customers and increase profitability.

We provide better access to customer data and can help tailor products, services and pricing to different customer segments.  Higher quality operational data can improve the ability to design and manage the supporting supply chain.  We also deliver better analytics and reporting to facilitate improved decision making.  Our team of experts builds technology solutions that allow you to better manage your supply chain, distribution centers, routing, package tracking and staff costs – and we do it all with minimal to no operational downtime.


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