Flexible, Proven Methodology

The BIAS Project Management Office (PMO) employs a flexible, proven methodology to power measurable results and reduce the risk of IT implementations for our clients. While we rely primarily on the Oracle Unified Method (OUM), our experts are highly skilled and certified across an array of project management approaches and philosophies. Explore the tabs below to discover how our business-focused and adaptable methodology supports enterprise-level IT strategy, architecture and governance across the IT lifecycle for all of your investments.

The BIAS PMO employs the Oracle Unified Method (OUM) to envision, manage and implement solutions for all projects within the Oracle stack. This proven methodology   contains distinct phases, milestones, templates and stage gates with repeatable methods that reduce risks and drive success for your project or IT initiative. Coupled with our deep functional knowledge of Oracle technology solutions and cross practice delivery, the BIAS PMO methodology can be tailored to your business processes and ensures that all requirements are captured, systems are designed and configured properly, and implementations are accomplished efficiently using proven methods.

BIAS’ highly adaptable PMO methodology makes it easy to:

  • Accelerate IT projects
  • Anticipate critical project needs and dependencies
  • Reduce risk with a flexible, iterative approach
  • Choose appropriate architecture
  • Realize measurable results
  • Incorporate your Project Management Methodology

BIAS takes a flexible approach to Business Consulting and Project Management. Our Project Managers can employ and even blend the following well-known methodologies to meet the unique needs of your business, agency or project:

  • Oracle Unified Method
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Agile
  • Waterfall
  • PMI
  • Lean

BIAS’ flexible methodology has driven success for hundreds of clients in both the commercial and public sectors. For a large American bank holding company with over $175B in assets, BIAS has overseen more than a dozen projects since 2013, employing a BIAS project manager for every initiative. Each project required the use of the bank’s preferred methodology, SDLC Lean. BIAS PM’s executed projects using SDLC Lean for bank-facing deliverables, and employed OUM within the BIAS technical team.This blended methodology was instrumental in orchestrating a five-year managed services contact that leveraged a BIAS senior project manager with functional expertise in Oracle Hyperion. The BIAS PM managed not only the BIAS resources across three layers of the Oracle stack (BI, Infrastructure and Database), but also the bank’s support teams, applications users and executives. The result was a production up-time increase from 53% in October 2013 to 94% in January 2014, and 100% by November 2014. 

For a large government agency focused on employee Human Resources, BIAS uses Agile for all client-facing project activities. In 2014, BIAS worked with the agency to overhaul their IT Security systems and improve their security rating, which was a “D.” The BIAS PM coordinated all activity across the BIAS and agency teams, utilizing both OUM and Agile methodologies to deploy the Oracle Identity Management suite of applications. The agency improved their rating to a “B+” within the first year of the project and has recently extended its support contract with BIAS with the goal of achieving an “A” rating.

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