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Turn Your Vision Into Reality 

BIAS Executive Consulting Services shorten the distance between your vision and business reality with first-hand knowledge, expert insight and focused strategy. Staffed by former federal and private industry senior IT executives, the BIAS Executive Consulting Services team delivers decades of in-depth, hands-on management expertise to your organization. We’re here to help your executive team develop the scalable, secure IT strategies that are vital to success in today’s constantly evolving enterprise. With proven expertise in all aspects of IT planning, programming, staffing, organizational restructuring and service delivery, BIAS provides a wealth of experience to move your business or agency forward faster. 

IT Strategy

BIAS has extensive experience with companies across private industry and the federal, state and local organizational landscape. This experience is key to the development of your organization’s IT strategy. We can help you align your IT strategy and business/agency’s operation, support your IT organization develop and achieve key goals, and ensure you have the proper staffing to reach desired objectives.

Business Transformation

Your IT and business plans must work together seamlessly for your strategy to succeed. BIAS specializes in creating a synergy between your business lines and IT resources to provide maximum support at the lowest cost. Our experts work with you to assess your organization’s ability to support mission-critical goals with current IT resources and ensure IT investments deliver desired results. Our business transformation strategies provide a balanced view of your business processes, key goals and required IT support, allowing you to leverage both emerging and mature technology to drive productivity and profitability.

Architecture and Roadmap

The BIAS approach to enterprise architecture allows you to accomplish development and implementation in less time and for less money. Our solutions not only inform your IT staff, they are the cornerstone for your IT investment process. Plus, BIAS provides direct access to some of the most accomplished architects in the business. The result is an IT strategy that is both cost-effective and highly-efficient in moving you closer to your end-state goals.

Data Strategy and Architecture

Look to BIAS Executive Consulting to help you develop an enterprise data strategy that allows you to apply all the power of today’s analytic and business intelligence software to your data. BIAS will also help you identify and categorize your data to allow use of inexpensive, cloud-based commodity storage instead of costly storage hardware. With BIAS’ unique approach, you can reduce storage costs by as much as 100 times conventional methods, easily converge disparate data sets – and finally put your data to work for you.  

Cyber Security and Risk Management

The protection of critical data, whether financial, product, employee, or customer-related, is a universal concern for organizations today. BIAS Executive Consulting Services can help you assess your current security posture, categorize your information and create an accurate risk profile with an effective response strategy. This strategy, a part of your IT capital planning and governance process, allows you make informed and appropriate decisions to reduce risk and balance spending between cyber defense and other IT priorities.

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