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How to move tothe cloud

BIAS provides end-to-end Cloud Services and Support tailor-made to suit your requirements that is secure, flexible and reliable



Roadmap to the Cloud

BIAS Cloud Blueprint Service will align your business objectives and goals with an enterprise-wide cloud architecture roadmap

Moving to the cloud can have a strong positive impact on operational and capital expenditures while making organizations more competitive in the marketplace. However, deciding what application environments to move to the cloud can be a daunting task, especially in a hybrid cloud model. Organizations must know their regulatory requirements and fully understand the transformations that are necessary in how the new hybrid cloud environment is migrated, integrated, secured, and managed. BIAS Cloud Blueprint Roadmap services can help you understand both, where you are today and where you need to be, to fully realize the promise of the cloud.

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Analyze current state of the architecture



Identify application & database candidates to move to the cloud



Develop & document future state architecture (Cloud/Hybrid)



Create a blueprint roadmap to establish the steps of getting from the current state to future state



Construct an implementation timeline based on operational requirements and business needs



Migrate to the Cloud

BIAS enables migrations to the cloud by leveraging its proven Migration Factory Approach

BIAS is a leader in migration services and technologies. We have created a repeatable, proprietary Migration Factory approach that leverages Oracle and BIAS best practices to discover, map, and automate the migration process while eliminating downtime and reducing risk. This proven mythology helps our clients migrate their Databases, Infrastructure, and O/S regardless of the target location. BIAS leverages this platform for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid models.

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Analyze the current environments with automated tools to identify the best approach to migrate to the cloud


Create a migration blueprint to identify the migration path, resources, and corresponding timelines


Configure the new Cloud environments prior to the migration


Leverage the BIAS Solution Factory toolkit to execute and validate the Cloud Migrations


Maintain your cloud environment with post-migration support



Integrate your cloud and/or on-premise applications, processes, and data

One of the challenges of the hybrid cloud model is that it can create data silos as data is dispersed between on-premise and in the cloud. Organizations need to access and aggregate data across disparate cloud and non-cloud environments to create actionable real-time information. BIAS designs and implements integration strategies across middle tier applications, as well as database level, to ensure that potential silos are broken down and the business has access to the information it needs to remain competitive.

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Develop a roadmap and phased implementation approach to SaaS and/or On-premise integrations

Architect and implement seamless end-to-end business processes between Oracle's Automation Cloud and on-premise based applications, including IOT (Internet of Things)

Help create, manage, catalog, and monetize APIs for customers, suppliers and trading partners

Architect and implement cloud-based collaboration to share and edit documents between cloud and on-premise based applications

Deliver any application data, applications, documents and business processes anytime and anywhere with Mobile Cloud Service integration

Synchronize and integrate Cloud and On-premise databases leveraging Oracle GoldenGate



Keep your data on lockdown

BIAS has extensive experience in helping customers develop proper security strategies for their cloud applications.  BIAS provides a single framework which supports all governance functions for provisioning and de-provisioning for both cloud and on-premise applications.

Data must remain secure regardless of its physical location. BIAS works with clients to leverage the same industry leading Oracle security tools that are leveraged on premise, and extend that security capability to the cloud. No matter where your data resides, you have one integrated enterprise-level security model.

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Analyze your applications and data to determine the security level of assurance that is needed

Evaluate access control and protocols supported by cloud providers for a seamless experience of using applications in cloud

Determine how your cloud providers support identity provisioning and de-provisioning for proper governance

Document both the logical and physical locations of data



Keep your performance up to speed

The hybrid cloud model can make operational management a real challenge. Leveraging Oracle tools, BIAS can create a simplified management platform that will allow organizations to manage all of their systems proactively, regardless of location, through a single pane of glass. This integrated platform reduces operational expenses while freeing up technical resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

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Maintain High Availability options for virtualized IT environments


Track cost allocation for Cloud Applications and resources


Performance monitoring of response times, latency and up-time


Initiating and overseeing disaster recovery and contingency plans


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Oracle Specializations across the Oracle Stack


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