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BIAS Unified Data Model

Your Single Source of Truth

Organizations of all sizes across every industry require accurate information to meet their key objectives. But when data is widely dispersed across systems, applications, data warehouses, various departments and business units, it is difficult to ensure data accuracy or deliver real-time access to the information necessary to drive informed decision making. To solve the dispersed data challenge, BIAS has developed a Unified Data Model (UDM) that establishes and serves as a “single source of truth,” providing access to current and accurate information while streamlining the complex and time-consuming task of multi-system data management. Learn more about the BIAS UDM below and contact us to learn more.


UDM is a BIAS cross-practice data management solution developed by our Infrastructure, Database Architecture, Fusion Middleware, Security/Identity Management and Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse experts. UDM serves as an independent, unified data repository that feeds accurate, verified information to all of your transactional systems. This custom application leverages Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Oracle GoldenGate and more to enable next-generation data management and integrity. With UDM from BIAS, you no longer have to worry about data inaccuracies or wonder who has the correct information about your business-critical data elements. Retailers are assured that targeted marketing efforts actually reach their intended audience and that prices and product information are accurate for particular markets. Manufacturers can easily manage and track parts and inventory. Telecommunications and Utility Service Providers can ensure the accuracy of customer records feeding billing systems. The applications of UDM are endless. UDM delivers data consistency across all of your systems, eliminating redundancies, providing information from a centralized framework, and establishing governance to support long-term, enterprise-wide data accuracy.

Core Capabilities & Key Benefits

BIAS’ highly configurable and scalable UDM solution is independent of your corporate applications and: 

  • Establishes an independent data repository that serves as a single source of truth for all of your business-critical data
  • Overcomes data gaps and silos by feeding other transactional systems with verified data at the correct level of information required by those systems
  • Lowers costs and complexity associated with data management and maintenance
  • Simplifies reporting and provides real-time access to verified business-relevant data 
  • Integrates seamlessly with Oracle Exadata, Exalogic and Exalytics to manage larger data volumes even faster