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Secure Messaging and Collaboration

Industry-leading organizations around the world rely on BIAS’ Secure Messaging and Collaboration (SMAC) application to protect intellectual property and foster secure collaboration. Responding to the internal and external threats to sensitive information shared via email, BIAS developed SMAC, an inexpensive and flexible solution that integrates seamlessly into nearly any environment. While cloud-based email is both efficient and sufficient for many organizations, BIAS created SMAC to serve customers in highly-regulated industries that are held to higher data protection and encryption standards. Learn more about SMAC below and contact us to learn more.


For highly-regulated industries, such as finance, healthcare, intelligence, law enforcement, telecom and more, cloud-based consumer messaging solutions and email just don’t work. Such organizations simply can’t abide the risk of highly sensitive data crossing the firewall, possibly being co-mingled in the cloud and becoming vulnerable to hackers once data is unencrypted. That’s why BIAS designed a highly secure messaging and collaboration (SMAC) application that allows users inside your firewall to share documents and exchange comments while displaying which work group members are currently online. Encrypted messages never leave the application, so your authenticated users can communicate securely from anywhere on any device. Plus, SMAC requires no network overhead, which means that users can share large files without impacting network bandwidth. With BIAS’ SMAC app, your data is secured, encrypted, auditable and searchable to ensure compliance without standing in the way of collaboration or innovation. 

Core Capabilities

BIAS’ highly configurable and synchronous SMAC application provides inexpensive instant messaging and collaboration within a secure portal complete with the following capabilities: 

  • Powerful Data Encryption
  • Multilevel Authentication
  • Fine-Grain Control of Sensitive Information and Data Redaction
  • Ability to Share Links to Information without Full Data Access
  • Simplified Data Search
  • Enhanced Mobility as Authenticated Users Can Log-In from Anywhere
  • Expansive BYOD Capabilities (Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Mac Device and Smart Card (CAC or PIV) Compatible)
  • Real-Time Auditing and Detailed Reporting for Regulatory Compliance
  • Seamless Integration with Oracle Web Center and Solutions

Featured Success

Industry leading organizations for which privacy and protection of intellectual property is a high priority rely on BIAS’ SMAC application, including Office of Personnel Management. The BIAS SMAC Application implements an “email” type message within WebCenter Portal that allows authorized users within a portal community to access messages. The highly-configurable secure application integrates seamlessly into Oracle WebCenter Portal and can also be configured for other portal products per customer requirements. SMAC has been implemented within multiple U.S. Government agencies to provide secure inter-portal messaging. Communications and data never leave the immediate (portal or application) environment, unlike traditional SMTP-based email applications, such as Microsoft® Exchange/Outlook.

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