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Provide Secure Access Fast

BIAS offers a solution to virtualize RACF, a security access control system for mainframe. The solution, known as OVD 4 IBM, uses an Oracle directory virtualization system to provide organizations with a standards-based interface to the same user repository that they use for mainframe. OVD 4 IBM provides security control to non-mainframe-based applications using standard LDAPv3 protocol in a rapid and quick start approach without making any changes to existing systems or applications. OVD 4 IBM significantly reduces the time to market for such applications on any medium and form, including Web and Mobile. 


While many organizations rely on mainframe systems and RACF for access control and security, we now see a myriad of different applications using non-mainframe based approaches, including Web and Mobile applications. Clearly, security controls need to be modernized. However, asking large user communities to start using new user accounts and leveraging new access methods is a cumbersome and complex task that most user-communities don’t welcome. In addition, mergers and acquisitions frequently require the fast aggregation and consolidation of user groups from different sources. Facilitating secure user access and making new applications available to users rapidly requires a standards-based approach to access user-repositories, so applications do not have to build proprietary connectivity to those repositories. To solve these challenges, BIAS has built and implemented a unique mechanism using Oracle’s directory virtualization technology to provide the same standards-based interface to mainframe-based RACF security repositories, avoiding any customized connectivity. To learn more about RACF virtualization options, please contact us

Solution Highlights

BIAS’ OVD 4 IBM solution integrates seamlessly and allows the RACF-based user population to access applications or provide access to information and data in a highly secured and standards-based method. Solution highlights include:

  • Deployment and integration of Oracle Virtual Directory with RACF. 
  • Providing LDAPv3-based access to RACF user repository.
  • Leveraging User Data from RACF for Access Control either via User-ID/Password or via Smart Card-based Access (CAC or PIV).
  • Integration of Access Control systems such as Oracle Access Manager.
  • Access to all applications (Web or Mobile) using single credentials.
  • Highly Available solution providing failover and scalability for faster and rapid on-demand growth of user population.

Featured Success

Leading U.S. Government organizations use the BIAS OVD 4 IBM solution for fast turnaround and integration with existing security control systems. As the solution complies with Federal security standards and controls, security conscious public sector organizations are using OVD 4 IBM to not only provide virtualization to RACF, but to also serve as a single source of truth for additional repositories. OVD 4 IBM supports access control with Single Sign-On using Access Management System to applications such as WebCenter Portal, which provides access to many different applications and functions required by government users. The solution and product also complies with FICAM standards essential for Government agencies.