Oracle Database In-Memory: The Real Deal

Oracle Database In-Memory: The Real Deal

Occasionally a new technology emerges that is truly disruptive. Disruptive because it accomplishes goals once thought impossible. Oracle In-Memory is one of those technologies. Released in August of 2014, In-Memory breaks the longstanding paradigm that database architecture could only be in Row Format or Column Format. The new 12c In-Memory architecture uses both. Traditional row format is used for OLTP database functionality, and column formatting is simultaneously used for queries. The results are astounding! Queries on our test environment run over 100-times faster simply by enabling In-Memory. Mixed workload OLTP is twice as fast. The other major advantage to the In-Memory architecture is that it’s transparent. NO application changes are necessary to leverage the option. This is not the case with other in-memory databases, such as Microsoft In-Memory or SAP HANA, where application rewrites are necessary to leverage the technology. The bottom line is organizations can now get more performance out of their existing IT investments simply by enabling In-Memory on the 12c database. How simple is it to enable?

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This will be a game changer in the database performance arena.


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