Leverage Data Purging to Improve Performance and Reduce Costs

Leverage Data Purging to Improve Performance and Reduce Costs

What is Data Purging?
Data purging is a term that describes methods of permanently erasing or removing data from a storage space. Unlike data deletion, there are many different techniques to purge data, and it can often be utilized in a strategic way to benefit your business.

Why should you consider purging your data?
Data purging helps you keep your database storage footprint in check while improving its performance and decreasing costs.This process not only frees up space – it also decreases your back-up time, enhancing your user performance. 

How the Data Purging process works
The data purging process is a multi-step approach leveraging SQL*Plus deletes, enablement of Oracle partitioning, partition swapping, table truncation and using datapump and online table redefinition to reorganize data.

Data Purging Results
Check out our case study below that describes how one of our healthcare customers achieved high-value impact to their business by purging their data.

Case Study:
Faced with increasing storage costs, reduced performance and hardware that was nearing the end of its life, one of our customers in the healthcare industry opted to purge their data as a short-term solution until they were ready to migrate to the Oracle Cloud. Prior to purging their data, we performed a pre-assessment that included reviewing application documentation, data dependencies, space requirements, validation steps and a fallback plan. The fallback plan we put into place for this customer was to stop log shipping on one of two physical standbys while keeping a second standby environment in sync throughout the purging processes.

The data purge helped the customer achieve a 50% decrease in storage usage from 3 terabytes to 1.5 terabytes. This resulted in reduced storage costs, improved performance, faster/more efficient backups and, most importantly, extended the life of their legacy hardware.

While we recommend that organizations establish a yearly purging policy, our customer opted to purge their data on a quarterly basis. Contact us for more information and best practices to manage your data.

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