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Uncover Redundancies and Cost Savings

Information Technology is key to business success, but its effective management can be costly. BIAS teams with your business process experts to strategically align IT with your business or agency objectives. Together, we analyze your current IT architecture and create a roadmap to help you achieve outstanding results through consolidation. BIAS’ proven methodology will maximize your return on IT investment, whether your goal is to simplify your IT architecture, reduce IT costs or decrease cyber security risks. We guarantee that we can save you 15 percent or more on IT costs, or your assessment is free.


BIAS combines extensive technical acumen with an in-depth knowledge of business applications to create a unique approach to consolidation. Our method adds the harmonization of business strategy and its supporting technologies to the traditional definition of consolidation. BIAS provides expert analysis of your current IT architecture and teams with your process specialists to consider your business drivers and create a roadmap to a highly-functional and cost-effective future architecture. This teamed approach clarifies objectives and reduces development time to help you achieve your goals more quickly. 

Core Capabilities and Key Benefits

The BIAS IT consolidation program delivers strategic guidance and powerful cost saving opportunities across the following areas: 

  • Software Licensing: Understand your risk posture and save on software license and support costs.
  • Applications: Establish a disciplined approach to change management and expand functionality without disrupting operations.
  • Mid-Tier: Enhance security and add robust functionality and agility to existing applications.
  • Database: Harness the power of Oracle Database, consolidate your license footprint and simplify maintenance and management.
  • Operating System: Determine which operating system is best for you.
  • Network: Reduce network complexity and strengthen your cyber security posture.
  • Private Cloud: Leverage private clouds to lower costs and improve ROI on your IT environment.
  • Servers: Lower energy bills, simplify network complexity and shrink maintenance requirements by consolidating your server footprint.
  • Storage: Improve performance and storage capacity by leveraging lower cost storage devices in a tiered storage strategy.
  • Datacenter: Reduce or eliminate the demands of your physical datacenter infrastructure.
  • Staffing: Evaluate your current workforce and cut human capital costs by 60 percent or more.

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